6 ways to Start Working Out

6 Ways to Start Working Out

By: Ms. K
From seating on your couch to finally exercising! Being a female comes with a lot of pressure to look and feel a certain way, but when it comes to being healthy it only requires commitment.


1. Write down your goals
a. Make sure to scratch out all the unrealistic goals
b. Try to aim an lose 1 lb. a week
c. Change your eating habits
d. Make a schedule

e. Takes Pictures of before and after

f. Measure with the scale and tape measure


2. Do Anything
a. If you can’t afford a gym buy workout DVD’s and workout equipment for your home.
b. Being Active is key to losing weight

3. Don’t set a timeline
a. Everybody, body works differently what works for your friends might not work for you

4.Set a workout time

a. Make working out like going to the work, school, or on a date


5. Be ready to sweat it out
a. I understand we care about our hair and appearance
i. Well wear a scarf to prevent ruining your hair
ii. Please take off the makeup before working out it does not look cute with make up running  down   your face

6. Being Sexy is confidence have a sexy body takes hard work
a. Be ready to work
b. Love your body

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