By: Ms. K

       When you start dating someone, make sure you establish your self worth. Knowing your self worth is a key factor when choosing a suitable suitor. The problem that many females face during their young adult lives are that they don’t make themselves a priority. They start accepting being an option and slowly the man start treating them like a choice.

Establishing your place in the relationship is key! When you start dating someone its important to set down a certain standard of what is acceptable before you become an easy doormat. Knowing your self value makes it possible to preserve a heart of gold for a man who value loyalty, honesty and commitment. Making your man realizing that you’re a priority and not an option in their eyes. Why do so many woman waste their time with a man who only treat them like an option? They don’t have any desire to respect them as a queen. You’re worth all the diamonds in the world. You’re not worth the pennies of scum.

As woman we cant keep being a man option! Even though females want to be that ride and die chick for their man. Men need to become that ride and die man for their woman. A man, who holds you down, knows when you need a hug, a tissue, a laugh, a kiss, is the man who makes you grow. There are the men who know how to treat a woman like a priority because they love strong independent woman.

Boundaries need to be set! Its not a new rule golden rule but a well establish saying “ Why buy the milk when you get the cow for free?” It’s so accurate when you give away yourself too much the man will slowly start stripping away your value. While the man who would value you is slowly passing you by. Don’t waste too much time with a man who treats you like an option.

Do you know your self worth? Have you made yourself a priority! Only when you become a priority you would attract men who value you on the same level.

I made my self a priority and I can only keep smiling until the right guy come in my life!


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