Building your Professional Wardrobe

Building your Professional Wardrobe

By: Ms. J

First impressions are very important. As much as people say they do not discriminate based on appearance, we do whether we realize it or not. Looking your best especially in your career can be that one thing that makes you stand out from the competition. I am not advocating beauty over brains; but what I am saying is that presentation is key. You do not nor should you take drastic approaches to be a model at work or school by becoming anorexic or bulimic; living outside your means etc. At some point in your adult life you have to realize that high school is over and you can take control over how your peers, family and general public perceive you.

So you have made the first step by reading this post. Check out Sweet & Stylish every Sunday for new tips and looks to use for your professional wardrobe. We will also post sophisticated school attire as well. Here, we will post a workshop which starts from the undergarments and go up; adding layer and knowledge on building your wardrobe.


Let’s take a stand and change from this to this

halley                                halley 2

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