New Goals, New Finance

New Goals, New Finance


By: Ms.J

I am sure that many reading this has claimed 2014 as their year where blessings will flow unto them because I know I sure have. However, are you making a step in the right direction to receive these blessings? Many want to be successful but do not know how to go about it or lack of motivation. Speaking and doing are two different things and in these days action speaks louder than words. What actions are you taking? Whether they are baby steps or giant leaps everything counts to the end results.

First, let’s start off with making a list of things you want and need to do to make your life better whether it will happen this year or later on in the future.

For instance, some items on MY LIST are:

1. Establish my savings account (ie stop taking the money out)

2. Invest

3. Buy a house

4. Start a business

Comment with some of your ideas of what you want to obtain in your finances.

2 thoughts on “New Goals, New Finance

  1. As a young professional woman of color ( I am Hispanic and yes I consider myself a woman of color), I am trying to make my financial dreams a reality. This includes OWNING a house, a business, having a massive amount of savings and not being afraid to invest! I also would like to include on this list, to have the ability to donate to GOOD causes such as non-profits, sponsoring a child, sponsoring a meal for the local soup kitchen. This should be on our list too. 🙂

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