Where’s My Voice?

Where’s My Voice?

By: Ms. K

Time may pass, but my voice remain silent

I can’t seem to revamp the unspoken language

My eyes shows sadness while my voice remain stuck

The tongue in my mouth does not vibrate


The sadness of my reality becomes an illusion

My desire to be brave shrinks to wonderland proportion

My worth slowly shrivels up into non-existence

Where is my roar?

Where is my voice?

Have I become an option for every man desire?


Reality showcase a woman representation

Without the reality of our tears

Without the reality of our fears

Without the reality of our acceptance


I have become a shadow of a brave woman

I have disappeared into the night skies

My existence no longer exist

My voice has no vocal cord

It has no opinion

It only has illusion of lies


My beauty is defined by society acceptance

My opinion gets typecast into my wardrobe

My every desire slowly becomes a woman complaint

My sexual liberation only define as a woman loose

I don’t have a voice

I don’t have an opinion

I am only defined as being woman!


So where is my voice?


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