Building Your Undergarment

By: Ms. J

Have you ever looked at yourself or someone else and thought that their outfit looks weird? Not weird in the sense that they were wearing a zany outfit that attracted a lot of attention; but more so it was ill fitting on them. Sometimes it is not even the outfit that makes it ill fitting but rather the undergarments that creates the shape in the clothes. In this post, we will discuss the appropriate undergarments to wear to create a clean neat look whether you are in a professional or casual setting.


1. Do invest in shape wear regardless of your body type. Shape wear is amazing for controlling bulging areas. For most women, the gut/tummy area is a source of contention, so the best way to hide/control it is to wear a high waist brief or thong panty.

shape wear

2. Do get fitted for a bra (Victoria Secrets can fit you for free).


3. If you have posture issues or would like to improve in your posture invest in a bra that can do that as well. This in particular is especially good for those with fuller breasts, which is designed to relive the tension from your neck and shoulder.


4. Do wear a sports bra when working out.

sport bra

5. Do buy different types of underwear for various clothes besides bikinis such as high cut briefs, control top briefs, thongs etc.


6. Do get hosiery. Hosiery is great for camouflaging flaws you do not want the world to see on your legs when wearing a dress or skirt. It also is great as shape wear. Finally, if you work in a corporate environment that is very traditional, hosiery completes your professional attire (at least wear it to the interview and check out the other women there to know if you will need to wear it).



1.  Don’t wear tight underwear. (This can cause hygiene issues)

wrong underwear

2. Some women have a tendency to wear a smaller bra size so that their breasts can bulge creating the illusion that they have big boobs, however, that is not cute. Furthermore, it actually causes the bra to cut into your skin, which can become infected if it’s an open wound.

bra 2

3. Don’t wear a bra that you can see in the light unless that is the look your going for. Hopefully that is when you are going out and not in a professional setting. (Yes! I have seen that before.) It is preferred to wear a skin tone colored bra.


There are many different bra and panty designs, which can be annoying to choose from, however with patience you can find the necessary undergarments to start your look off on the right path. This post is not saying that you cannot embrace your size and curves but rather keep those in mind when choosing your clothing and undergarments. In a professional setting wearing the wrong undergarment can create a distraction. We want women to be taken seriously in their profession, so when your peers focus on your attire rather what you have to say, you are less validated in the workplace.



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