Finance 101

Finance 101



So last week, I asked that you write down your financial goals for the future. This will be your fuel to obtaining what you want. Go ahead, and post them up somewhere you will always see it; whether that is on your mirror, your door etc. It will serve as a constant reminder of what you need to do to succeed.


What are the things or people holding you back from obtaining your goals?

Is it because:

1. You are not making enough money to pay bills and save

2. Do you try to save but then something always come up that you have to spend money on ?

3. Do you have a shopping addiction (you may or may not realize it) ?

4. Does money fly out your hand and you cannot account for it?

5. Do you have a “moocher” who you cannot say no too?


First off, make a budget worksheet to see what your expenses are. Be honest because you need to know where your money is going. There are many free budget excel worksheets that you can download from the internet. Pick one that fits your needs and populate. The truth might hurt, however it will provide you with a realistic view of your life. To ensure you did it correctly, use last month’s data and reconcile to your bank statements. Open another tab on the excel workbook and delete and/or reduce the items that you know are not necessary for your overall living. Compare numbers and imagine it going to one of your financial goals. Some may be able to have drastic savings and some not as much but no matter what it’s a start.


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