L.O.V.E Series (Part Three)


“Love was just a four-letter word. Until I meet you.” Words I mutter in my head of an old line from one of my poems. Did I love the right person at the wrong time? I would want to believe that I am destine to love again. I keep seeing his smile when I replay our last visit in my mind.

As I try to be figure out where my feelings are I had to give my cousin the latest :

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Financial Power

Financial Power

financial power

By: Ms.J

Women have more buying power than men; however do we have financial power?

When I speak of financial power; I refer to little debt, retirement security and being financially stable. Traditionally, women relied on men to take care of their financial needs. As we have progressed in history, we have been able to earn and control more money; but with this power are we making financial choices that would benefit us in the future or are we living for the moment with materialistic spending habits. On an overall basis, the beauty and fashion industry is continually growing even through episodes of depression.

In order to increase your financial power in your community:

1. Reduce your debt.

2. Plan for your retirement by investing, 401K and lowering bills.

3. Trim the excess fat in your budget by spending on what you need, not what you want.

4. Become financially knowledgeable.

Evolution of Fashion

Evolution of Fashion

By: Ms. J

The evolution of fashion in the black community has provided a diverse way for many to express themselves, their ideas and beliefs.  As the month of February winds down, I’d like to take this time to honor a woman who made a major fashion contribution to African American history.

Ever wondered who was the first black fashion designer?

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L.O.V.E Series (Part Two)


(I want to make this clear that the L.O.V.E series is a frictional story, but  the content in this post was based on my real life.)

I don’t want to get hurt again! The fear of letting someone in my heart scares me so much. I feel so much pain from my last love that lingers in my mind. It hunts me because I stayed so long when it was so dysfunctional from the beginning:

Him: U fuckin bitch
Me: I’m not
Him: Give me ya mom number
Him: Yo if u was here rite now I would slap da shit outta u

I am scared of my judgment of men. I am scared I always fall for the jerks and the assholes. Constantly being seen as an option, never valued as being the one. I can see flashbacks of how much in love I was, and how I would stay when he would verbally abuse me. Feeling it was my fault, that I deserve that because I would make him angry. I rather not feel anything then feel everything all at once. I DON’T THINK I CAN HANDLE IT AGAIN SO QUICKLY.

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O No I am in Pain

O No I am in Pain


By: Ms.K 

            No Pain No Gain! I mutter those words yesterday when I was working out after already hurting my hip and legs from my leg day workout. While I am about pushing my body to new limits I am not about hurting my body. Yesterday was upper body training so I pushed through the run with my hip hurting, and told myself “I am taking it light today” while knowing maybe I should have taken a day off. While I push my body I know my body was hurting, but I didn’t want to stop. Continue reading “O No I am in Pain”

Rated S One Month Anniversary

Rated S One Month Anniversary 

By: Ms. K & J


We just want to say Thank You to all our followers, and people who come to our blog. We really appreciate all the love and support not only from our friends, family, classmates, co-workers, but also new followers. As we look back on our first month of articles we posted please leave suggestions or ideas you would want to hear or see on our blog.  We want to hear from you please provide positive feedback of what you like and dislike, because we want to make sure we are catering to all women. 

Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes

By: Ms. K

Did you know that Dominique Dawes was the first African American women to win  an individual Olympic medal in gymnastics?

Dominique Dawes was born November 20, 1976, in Silver Spring,  Maryland. She started gymnastics at the tender age of 6. When she was 9 years old she wrote the world “Determination” in crayon on the mirror to prepare her for competitions. In 1988 she became the first to make the national women’s team. At the National Champions in 1994 she won all around gold for her individual events, that was not done since 1969.

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Traveling on a BUDGET

Traveling on a BUDGET



By: Ms. J


Over the past few years, I have been blessed to travel and live near and far. These trips have included major cities across North America as well as living in London while traveling throughout Europe and Morocco and living in Thailand while traveling throughout Asia. (Sidenote: Antarctica, Central and South America are on my bucket list.) Even though traveling to these places were quite fun and exciting, it can be quite costly, however with research you can reduce your expenses while traveling abroad.

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A Traveling Fashionista

A Traveling Fashionista


By: Ms. J

I had the pleasure of traveling home to New York City for the weekend the other day with only a tote bag. I felt like a celebrity because usually when you see pictures of them, they only have a cute little purse and never any luggage. I was able to have this mini celeb moment in the middle of winter because I have way too many clothes still at home in NY, although I live in Florida. The majority of people who travel are not so fortunate; therefore with the impending travel season upon us, let us figure out how to travel fashionable but light. Continue reading “A Traveling Fashionista”

Like I love You!

Like I love You!


By : Ms. K

Hey my Lovely Rated S,

I am a romantic person at heart but since I am single this year, and I will not be receiving a bucket of flowers, a box of candy or any lovely suggestions even though I did get a v-day text this morning. I want to start my day by working out because loving me takes 365 days commitment. Plus its All Star Weekend, the only gift I want are tickets to the game maybe next year:)

I am going to give some Valentines Day suggestions for my lovely readers. I doesn’t matter if your single, dating, or in a new relationship or a season couple.

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