Let’s Run

Let’s Run


By: Ms. K

Let’s get up and move! I was never a person, who loved to run, or jog. The idea of running didn’t spark an interest in me. I would hear people say, “I run to relief stress, or I just love to run.” That was never on my radar. When I decided to become a healthy and change my lifestyle a year ago, I wanted to conquer my dislike for running. It started slowly; I could not even run for a minute without gasping for air. It took from March 2013 until September 2013 for me to run a complete 20 minutes without stopping. It was only possible because my friend/trainer started working with me in June and pushing me to increase my time to run. He pushed me to my limit, and the journey was painful. Do I still love running “NO”, but can I do it for more then 30 minutes yes. I am challenging myself to compete in my first 5k this May. Since running to me is still boring without music I figure let me find a fun race to kick it off. This week on my Facebook newsfeeds the “The Color Run” popped up and I decided this would be my first 5k. I’m still nervous but I am ready. If I plan on running a half-marathon I need to start with running 3.1 miles first before I can tackle 13.1 miles. I am going to push myself, and I am going to have fun along the way. If you’re ready to change your life and tackle some of your fears in running start with a fun 5k.



What I like about “The Color Run” it makes you assemble a team of four to take part in this fun affair. I can’t wait to assemble my team of friends/family down here in South Florida.


Check out the listing and more information at http://thecolorrun.com/events/.

Have fun! Change your life! Get colorfully! 

5 thoughts on “Let’s Run

    1. Thanks, I heard that the color runs are so much fun, that why I figure it would be a great start for me to get better, and continue until I do my half-maratahon. 🙂

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