Winter Olympics

Vonetta Flowers


Ms. K

       The Winter Olympics started this past Friday February 7, 2012 in Russia. But did you know who was the first black woman to win a winter Olympics? A Woman who’s journey changed from her original plan. A woman who never imagined her life would go beyond running track and field to exploring bobsleigh that would led to her being the first black woman to win Gold in the Winter Olympics.  The FIRST black athlete to earn winter gold was USA’s Vonetta Flowers in the women’s bobsleigh, at Salt Lake City in 2002.

Vonetta Flowers was born October 29, 1973. Vontta started running at 9 years old. Vonetta journey has always loved  track and field. She had the honor to qualify for both 1996 and 2000 for Olympic trails. She still was not able to make a spot on the American team. After competing in the 2000 trails and didn’t qualify she felt it was time to retire from Track and Field, and start a family. Her husband Johnny directed her in a different direction after seeing a flyer urging Track and Field to try out for U.S.  bobsled team. Vionetta background in track field help her have an advantage in bobsledding. She quickly become number 1 brake woman in the U.S.  A year later Vionetta and her partner Jill Bakken slid into history by winning the Gold.

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Lingerie Loving

Lingerie Loving

By: Ms. J

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Some people hate, love or don’t care about it; but either way millions will spend millions on showing their loved ones how much they care on this special day. Whether you are single, dating or taken you should take a moment to spend some time on yourself.


3 ways to start off are:

1. Take a moment of silence to reflect on your current relationship status and whether you are happy with it or not.

2. Pamper thy self. This can be an all out spa retreat or simply getting a mani-pedi. Looking good = feeling good.

3. Treat yourself to some lingerie.

When I speak of lingerie, most automatically assume the kinkiest, most erotic item they can think of; however this is not the case. When choosing and wearing lingerie, one should be comfortable with whatever they choose. If you are not comfortable it shows to whomever you are presenting it too. The discomfort kills the vibe and your presentation. This could mean that you might not go for the teddy on the first round but maybe a silk slip. Whatever you wear have confidence in the fact that you look good and you own it.

My ideal lingerie loving is a matching cami and bikini set in silk or lace; whether I am with my man or alone. And of course I cannot forget my glass of pinot grigio to sip on as I relax and unwind.



Name your lingerie lovingfavorite….

Happy Valentines!!