Weight Loss Journey

Throw Back Thursday #tbt

By: Ms.K

I can’t believe its about  to be a year since I decided to lose weight. I am not going to lie my journey has its ups and downs, a level of frustration, losing site of my ultimate goal, moments where I wanted to just quite this fitness challenge. I started this journey not become a certain size or a certain weight. I started this journey to change my life. I will give you the full story  March 1, 2014 the official one year anniversary of my journey.

Looking back on all of this I see my body transforming into something different. I am not at the perfect size, I have so many more layers to go before I am at the fitness level I believe is comfortable. Last week I sign up for my first 5k. Over the last 11 months I am slowly witness the transformation of my body. My ultimate goal is to complete a half marathon, and take part in various athletic activities I could not do before because of my weight.

I am developing a level of confidence I never had before. A new level of self love for my body at any size, because I love my skin more and more each day I push it to the limits.

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Wrong Side of Love

Wrong Side of Love

By: Ms. K

When you loved

When every part of your soul becomes lost

Listening to his voice as I lay on his chest

I can remember it like it was yesterday

I can still hear his heart beat

I can still see his smile

But now I carry this scar on my chest

My heart does not beat romantic melodies

My heart has turned to a shallow hole

I would have made the perfect wife

I been that girl that loved so hard

But my love was an easy sacrifice

I can never again laugh the same

I never again would I trust the same

I was the girl that loved foolish

I loved him with my whole heart

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