Weight Loss Journey

Throw Back Thursday #tbt

By: Ms.K

I can’t believe its about  to be a year since I decided to lose weight. I am not going to lie my journey has its ups and downs, a level of frustration, losing site of my ultimate goal, moments where I wanted to just quite this fitness challenge. I started this journey not become a certain size or a certain weight. I started this journey to change my life. I will give you the full story  March 1, 2014 the official one year anniversary of my journey.

Looking back on all of this I see my body transforming into something different. I am not at the perfect size, I have so many more layers to go before I am at the fitness level I believe is comfortable. Last week I sign up for my first 5k. Over the last 11 months I am slowly witness the transformation of my body. My ultimate goal is to complete a half marathon, and take part in various athletic activities I could not do before because of my weight.

I am developing a level of confidence I never had before. A new level of self love for my body at any size, because I love my skin more and more each day I push it to the limits.


The first picture was taken last March 2013 three weeks into my workout, while the next picture was taken February 12, 2014. My waist measurement was 46 inches when I started this journey, Now my stomach is officially 35 inches.

I am seeing my body in a whole new light… O I can’t wait for summer I am going to be rocking a two piece for the very first time, not because I am at my smallest, but because I love my body so much these days. I would never wear a two piece even when I did swimming and diving in high school. Now I am like this is “ME” and I LOVE ALL OF ME! Take it or leave I don’t care.

I am Flawless!!! My body is in training….

Here one of my hone exercise routine I do:

Try it out, comment let me know how your body felt after working out …

25 jumping jacks 4x
Back and forth 5x bear crawl
10 burpees 2x
25 mountain climbers 4x
15 plank jumps 4x
25 Squats 4x
5x back and forth side squats
25 high knee 4x
25 lunges 4x
25 jumping lunges 4x
 25 step ladder 4x
25 flutter kick 4x
25 criss cross 4x
25 heel touch 4x
25 oblique twist 4x
25 side oblique 4x
1 minute plank 4x

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey

  1. I always love seeing people who are working on themselves because they love their body, not because they hate it. The outlook that you maintain is so important. Your positive attitude is an inspiration! You look amazing! Keep up the awesome work and always maintain your positive outlook 🙂

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