Wrong Side of Love

Wrong Side of Love

By: Ms. K

When you loved

When every part of your soul becomes lost

Listening to his voice as I lay on his chest

I can remember it like it was yesterday

I can still hear his heart beat

I can still see his smile

But now I carry this scar on my chest

My heart does not beat romantic melodies

My heart has turned to a shallow hole

I would have made the perfect wife

I been that girl that loved so hard

But my love was an easy sacrifice

I can never again laugh the same

I never again would I trust the same

I was the girl that loved foolish

I loved him with my whole heart

He left me with endless buckets of tears

Easy reminders of yesterdays distrust

I never thought my chapter would have a tragic ending

I was slowly dying

I never thought I could breathe without you

I became this sad love song

I loved the wrong side of you

I try to change for you

But deep down I can only cry

You had me dreaming of you

I didn’t want to live without you

But our love became a tragic love song

I trusted you

I loved you

I wanted you

I didn’t want to be without you

Yet I am the one standing alone

I am the one broken

I am the one who don’t trust love

I just wanted you to love me

I just wanted you to fight for me

But you dismiss me like yesterday trash

I know you heard my tears

I know you felt my coldness

But it was easy for you to pretend

I have accepted your never coming back

Our last kiss lingers with your fake smiles

With the lies stabbing me in my chest

I wanted you to be my love story

I wanted you to be my fairy tale ending

But you never loved me the same

Six years later

I only cried

I only felt lost

You took my heart

You stole my soul

I gave you my love

I can never said I never loved you

But I don’t know how to love again

I only remember broken promises

I gave you all of me

But instead I got broken lies

I only got betrayals

You said you love me

I gave all of me

But I could never break down your walls

I gave you six years

I will never say I NEVER LOVED YOU

I just got the wrong side of love from you!


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