Like I love You!

Like I love You!


By : Ms. K

Hey my Lovely Rated S,

I am a romantic person at heart but since I am single this year, and I will not be receiving a bucket of flowers, a box of candy or any lovely suggestions even though I did get a v-day text this morning. I want to start my day by working out because loving me takes 365 days commitment. Plus its All Star Weekend, the only gift I want are tickets to the game maybe next year:)

I am going to give some Valentines Day suggestions for my lovely readers. I doesn’t matter if your single, dating, or in a new relationship or a season couple.

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The moment when everything no longer make sense. Being with you is not logical. It can’t be a dream because reality will eventually hit me. I could never imagine in a million years that I would catch feeling for you. It’s not something I want, it’s not something I need. But its something that makes sense right now. I have no clue why being with you make sense to me. I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. I see your body and it creates an eruption inside of my mind. My soul just wants to capture your pure essence. I am pretending I don’t care for you. I look at you knowing that deep down I am falling for you.

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Will You Be My Valentine’s Bank

Will You Be My Valentine’s Bank

Piggy Bank and Red Heart

By: Ms. J

We are 13 days into the month and I hope you guys have been able to stick to your budget and cut excessive spending. One thing to think about while you are doing so is evaluating your bank. Like a relationship between two people that requires time, communication and love so does your relationship with your bank. This Valentine’s Day evaluate your relationship with your banking institution. Questions that you would ask a potential significant other, can be re-worded to apply to your banking relationship.

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