The moment when everything no longer make sense. Being with you is not logical. It can’t be a dream because reality will eventually hit me. I could never imagine in a million years that I would catch feeling for you. It’s not something I want, it’s not something I need. But its something that makes sense right now. I have no clue why being with you make sense to me. I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. I see your body and it creates an eruption inside of my mind. My soul just wants to capture your pure essence. I am pretending I don’t care for you. I look at you knowing that deep down I am falling for you.

I don’t want to choice between fantasy and reality. I don’t want to create this alternative reality in which everything make sense. In reality we would never work, it would lead to only heartbreak and more tears falling. I don’t want to escape this innocent reality of my imagination. I don’t understand why falling is so hard to grasp. Why am I scary to let you in?  I don’t want to get hurt and ruin what I have! I repeat in my head over and over to keep my perspective in check. I can’t forget what I started and I can tell everything starting to change. It’s fading into something different. I don’t know if I am alone with these feelings.  Maybe I’m crazy and creating a one sided romance. He made it very simple that is not going to evolve into something more.  I can’t forget my existence is slowly fading.

To Be Continue…..

Is She falling for him? What is she going to do?

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