Will You Be My Valentine’s Bank

Will You Be My Valentine’s Bank

Piggy Bank and Red Heart

By: Ms. J

We are 13 days into the month and I hope you guys have been able to stick to your budget and cut excessive spending. One thing to think about while you are doing so is evaluating your bank. Like a relationship between two people that requires time, communication and love so does your relationship with your bank. This Valentine’s Day evaluate your relationship with your banking institution. Questions that you would ask a potential significant other, can be re-worded to apply to your banking relationship.

Examples are:

1. Do you like your bank?

2. Do you feel that your bank is different or the same as others?

3. What attracted you to selecting your bank in the first place?

4. Does your bank love you?

5. Do you get benefits and/or incentives to stay with that bank?

6. Is the service you receiving better than the rest?

7. Do you trust your bank to protect you and your information?

8. Does your bank support you in achieving your financial goals?

If you are skeptical of using or continuing with your banking institution there are other options such as a credit unions, mutual funds or brokerage firms.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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