A Traveling Fashionista

A Traveling Fashionista


By: Ms. J

I had the pleasure of traveling home to New York City for the weekend the other day with only a tote bag. I felt like a celebrity because usually when you see pictures of them, they only have a cute little purse and never any luggage. I was able to have this mini celeb moment in the middle of winter because I have way too many clothes still at home in NY, although I live in Florida. The majority of people who travel are not so fortunate; therefore with the impending travel season upon us, let us figure out how to travel fashionable but light.

First, start off of with a stylish but light travel bag.

Second, figure out your daily activities while traveling and pick out as many outfits as possible that you would consider wearing to those activities.

Third, narrow down your outfits by color scheming for that time away. (ie. black and white; neutrals etc)

Fourth, pick the best outfits along with a versatile shoe and/or shoes that can be worn with your various outfits.

Fifth, fold your clothes tight, small and pack. It is best to start with heavier items on the bottom.

Sixth, don’t forget toiletry, cosmetics, accessories and undergarments.

Seventh, if you have any heavy or bulky items try to wear them on your journey such as coats and boots.

Enjoy your trip and stay fashionable!


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