Traveling on a BUDGET

Traveling on a BUDGET



By: Ms. J


Over the past few years, I have been blessed to travel and live near and far. These trips have included major cities across North America as well as living in London while traveling throughout Europe and Morocco and living in Thailand while traveling throughout Asia. (Sidenote: Antarctica, Central and South America are on my bucket list.) Even though traveling to these places were quite fun and exciting, it can be quite costly, however with research you can reduce your expenses while traveling abroad.


When traveling, you need to decide what you will be allocating your costs to and that is determined by the type of vacation you want to have. For instance, do you want a relaxing spa-like retreat, sight-seeing vacation or party vacation? From my experiences, I went for a sight-seeing and partying vacation rather than spa like. For me, I wanted to see and experience these places first before choosing one to enjoy as a retreat.


International vs. Domestic Vacations

International vacations can sometimes be cheaper than domestic vacations. In some instances of traveling abroad, I felt that I can travel to more cities for a more reasonable cost versus a domestic trip. For example, my friend and I did a 3 city tour of Italy from London within 5days/4 nights for the price of a domestic plane ticket of approx $320. First off keep in mind, that if you live in Europe traveling throughout it is relatively easy and inexpensive; however if you are going to Europe you can still minimize the cost while there. 


How we did it: (London to Milan to Venice to Rome then back to London)

London to Milan (Ryan Air one way) approx 40

Milan Hostel 20 for one night

Milan to Venice (Rail Europe one way) 17.50

Venice Hostel 20 for two nights

Venice to Rome (Rail Europe one way) 17.50

Rome Hostel 30 for two nights

Rome to London (Ryan Air one way) approx 40

Total approx £200= $320 per person


Now if you were to apply a similar strategy to a domestic trip, it would not be feasible unless you are doing a road trip to minimize costs. Furthermore, although there are Hostels here in the U.S. they are not known as much; many travelers would consider using a Bed and Breakfast place instead. Also, I highly doubt that Amtrak prices ever get that low unless you are on their customer program, book in advance or have discounts to apply.



Internationally: look around for cheap flights and fly off season for the best rates; try to book hostels at or; use local methods of getting around


Domestically: look for cheap flights or consider road trips; check to see if there are any feasible hostels at the links mentioned above if not you can check for people renting their apartments out to travelers at; use local methods of getting around


Enjoy and Be Safe!

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