O No I am in Pain

O No I am in Pain


By: Ms.K 

            No Pain No Gain! I mutter those words yesterday when I was working out after already hurting my hip and legs from my leg day workout. While I am about pushing my body to new limits I am not about hurting my body. Yesterday was upper body training so I pushed through the run with my hip hurting, and told myself “I am taking it light today” while knowing maybe I should have taken a day off. While I push my body I know my body was hurting, but I didn’t want to stop.

I am not an advocate for working through the pain when your really hurting your body. There is a big difference of pushing your body until it hurt, and still working out when your body is telling you to take a break before you actually hurt yourself. I started my college career majoring in exercise science, I know the proper way of training and in proper way of hurting ones body. Even though I am trying to reach my fit anniversary I don’t want to be in so much pain that I am out for a week instead of taking a day off. One day wont ruin my lifestyle change. It won’t make me gain back 50 pounds that I already lost.

Image(clearly I am not gaining that back) I can take my day-off today… A difference a year makes… 

Remember Your Limits:


  1. Know your body limit!
  2. Pushing oneself does not mean hurting yourself!
  3. I understand No Pain No Gain, but don’t continue if you already went through the pain just to become fit.
  4. Stretching does wonders to your body
  5. Take the day off its better then getting seriously hurt and taking a week or more off from your training.
  6. One day wont make you gain back your weight
    1. Did you gain your weight in one day “No”? So all your hard work won’t go away in one day either.



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