Financial Power

Financial Power

financial power

By: Ms.J

Women have more buying power than men; however do we have financial power?

When I speak of financial power; I refer to little debt, retirement security and being financially stable. Traditionally, women relied on men to take care of their financial needs. As we have progressed in history, we have been able to earn and control more money; but with this power are we making financial choices that would benefit us in the future or are we living for the moment with materialistic spending habits. On an overall basis, the beauty and fashion industry is continually growing even through episodes of depression.

In order to increase your financial power in your community:

1. Reduce your debt.

2. Plan for your retirement by investing, 401K and lowering bills.

3. Trim the excess fat in your budget by spending on what you need, not what you want.

4. Become financially knowledgeable.

2 thoughts on “Financial Power

  1. Having recently started a business and wanting to grow that business as a sole proprietorship, I recently looked up my credit score and realized my credit has taken a beaten since I have been unemployed. No excuses though I’m still paying down my debt to secure financing for my storefront. There is no other option. By year end all of my debt will have been addressed. Not that I have a lot but I need to tackle what I do have lol

    1. Stay motivated in fixing your credit and remember your main goal, within due time you will achieve it. Also, stay tuned to new finance posts that will address those topics

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