The moment when everything no longer make sense. Being with you is not logical. It can’t be a dream because reality will eventually hit me. I could never imagine in a million years that I would catch feeling for you. It’s not something I want, it’s not something I need. But its something that makes sense right now. I have no clue why being with you make sense to me. I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. I see your body and it creates an eruption inside of my mind. My soul just wants to capture your pure essence. I am pretending I don’t care for you. I look at you knowing that deep down I am falling for you.

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Will You Be My Valentine’s Bank

Will You Be My Valentine’s Bank

Piggy Bank and Red Heart

By: Ms. J

We are 13 days into the month and I hope you guys have been able to stick to your budget and cut excessive spending. One thing to think about while you are doing so is evaluating your bank. Like a relationship between two people that requires time, communication and love so does your relationship with your bank. This Valentine’s Day evaluate your relationship with your banking institution. Questions that you would ask a potential significant other, can be re-worded to apply to your banking relationship.

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Weight Loss Journey

Throw Back Thursday #tbt

By: Ms.K

I can’t believe its about  to be a year since I decided to lose weight. I am not going to lie my journey has its ups and downs, a level of frustration, losing site of my ultimate goal, moments where I wanted to just quite this fitness challenge. I started this journey not become a certain size or a certain weight. I started this journey to change my life. I will give you the full story  March 1, 2014 the official one year anniversary of my journey.

Looking back on all of this I see my body transforming into something different. I am not at the perfect size, I have so many more layers to go before I am at the fitness level I believe is comfortable. Last week I sign up for my first 5k. Over the last 11 months I am slowly witness the transformation of my body. My ultimate goal is to complete a half marathon, and take part in various athletic activities I could not do before because of my weight.

I am developing a level of confidence I never had before. A new level of self love for my body at any size, because I love my skin more and more each day I push it to the limits.

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Wrong Side of Love

Wrong Side of Love

By: Ms. K

When you loved

When every part of your soul becomes lost

Listening to his voice as I lay on his chest

I can remember it like it was yesterday

I can still hear his heart beat

I can still see his smile

But now I carry this scar on my chest

My heart does not beat romantic melodies

My heart has turned to a shallow hole

I would have made the perfect wife

I been that girl that loved so hard

But my love was an easy sacrifice

I can never again laugh the same

I never again would I trust the same

I was the girl that loved foolish

I loved him with my whole heart

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Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph


By: Ms. K

Wilma was born June 23, 1940 in Saint Bethlehem Tennessee. Rudolph had to wear a brace on her left leg when she was younger because she was stricken with Polo. She over came her difficulties with physical therapy and having determination. “My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother.” She would become a gifted runner. She went through her trials and tribulation as a child but she had a mother who was supportive and believe she can get better.

Did you know that Wilma was the first American Woman to win three gold medals in a single Olympics in 1960.

Gold 1960 Rome 100 m

Gold 1960 Rome 200 m

Gold 1960 Rome 4×100 m relay

After the Olympics games in Rome, Rudolph made several appearance on television and received several honors. She even received the Associated Woman Athlete of the Year Award, not once both twice for 1960 and 1961. Rudolph retired from competition and became a teacher and a track and field coach.

Wilma Rudolph said “Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose … If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.”

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Winter Olympics

Vonetta Flowers


Ms. K

       The Winter Olympics started this past Friday February 7, 2012 in Russia. But did you know who was the first black woman to win a winter Olympics? A Woman who’s journey changed from her original plan. A woman who never imagined her life would go beyond running track and field to exploring bobsleigh that would led to her being the first black woman to win Gold in the Winter Olympics.  The FIRST black athlete to earn winter gold was USA’s Vonetta Flowers in the women’s bobsleigh, at Salt Lake City in 2002.

Vonetta Flowers was born October 29, 1973. Vontta started running at 9 years old. Vonetta journey has always loved  track and field. She had the honor to qualify for both 1996 and 2000 for Olympic trails. She still was not able to make a spot on the American team. After competing in the 2000 trails and didn’t qualify she felt it was time to retire from Track and Field, and start a family. Her husband Johnny directed her in a different direction after seeing a flyer urging Track and Field to try out for U.S.  bobsled team. Vionetta background in track field help her have an advantage in bobsledding. She quickly become number 1 brake woman in the U.S.  A year later Vionetta and her partner Jill Bakken slid into history by winning the Gold.

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Lingerie Loving

Lingerie Loving

By: Ms. J

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Some people hate, love or don’t care about it; but either way millions will spend millions on showing their loved ones how much they care on this special day. Whether you are single, dating or taken you should take a moment to spend some time on yourself.


3 ways to start off are:

1. Take a moment of silence to reflect on your current relationship status and whether you are happy with it or not.

2. Pamper thy self. This can be an all out spa retreat or simply getting a mani-pedi. Looking good = feeling good.

3. Treat yourself to some lingerie.

When I speak of lingerie, most automatically assume the kinkiest, most erotic item they can think of; however this is not the case. When choosing and wearing lingerie, one should be comfortable with whatever they choose. If you are not comfortable it shows to whomever you are presenting it too. The discomfort kills the vibe and your presentation. This could mean that you might not go for the teddy on the first round but maybe a silk slip. Whatever you wear have confidence in the fact that you look good and you own it.

My ideal lingerie loving is a matching cami and bikini set in silk or lace; whether I am with my man or alone. And of course I cannot forget my glass of pinot grigio to sip on as I relax and unwind.



Name your lingerie lovingfavorite….

Happy Valentines!!

Somy Ali

Somy Ali

By : Ms. Jo

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”~ Tenzin Gyasto, The 14th Dalai Lama

Our Sophisticated Diva this week is a young Woman by the name of Somy Ali. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, this actress, model, Human rights advocate, free lance journalist and documentary film maker goes unheard of by many but continues to work relentlessly to help shed light as well as help domestic violence victims through direct services and influential policy.


On March 25th Somy Ali was born and raised in Karachi until the tender age of seven. Then was moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Start a new life with her mother and younger brother. In 1992, at the age of 16 Somy relocated to Mumbai, India to purse modeling as well as becoming an actress in Hindi films. In 1999 Somy moved back to America and obtain a Bachelors degree in psychology, graduated with a degree in film making and also obtained a degree in broadcast journalism. She completed three short films on Abortion, teenage suicide and Domestic Violence.

Ms. Ali is the founder and president of a nonprofit organization by the name of No more tears’ which mission is to empower people to live safe, hopeful and happy lives. But more so aids to help immigrant women who suffer from domestic violence and abuse.


  • Somy was one of ten to be honored by L’Oreal women at the 2013 ceremony
  • Somy also received five awards for efforts of supporting human rights
  • Played the lead in 10 Bollywood movies and had done several commercials
  • Has seven printed publications in south Florida and interviewed by nine television networks
  • She speaks English, Urdu (Pakistan), Hindi (India)




To learn More about Somy Ali and the No More Tears Project. To Make a Pledge and Save a Life Click the link below


Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Certificate of Deposit (CD)



I hope everyone has been working on their budget analysis. In meantime, I wanted to highlight kicking off one of my finance goals, which is investing. Most if not all of these activities that I ask you partake in to accomplishing your financial goals, I have or am doing as well. For instance, in December I actually created my own budget worksheet and realized I spend excessively on things I do not need, so in January I made my cuts. I was then able to save some money (which I ended up having to use); $500 of that amount went into my savings account. Now this is not a regular savings account, it is actually a CD. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a promissory note issued by a bank stating that you are to receive interest on a sum of money once it reaches maturity, however you cannot withdraw that money at any time without incurring a penalty.

I’m sure you’re wondering why do all of that especially when you cannot withdraw the money whenever you want. First, I do not want easy access to my money. Some banks including mines require there is a minimum amount of money in the account or else you will owe them money. This allows me to keep the minimum for the duration of the CD. Secondly, the interest rate is higher in a CD versus a savings account. Finally with this CD, I am able to put additional money throughout the 18 month duration to increase my payout upon maturity.

Calculating the potential payout

Certificate of Deposit

Initial Deposit: 500

Months: 18

Interest Rate: 0.5%

Interest compounded monthly

Using the Certificate of Deposit Calculator, the estimated payout would be $503.75


Now I know what you’re thinking, all of that for $3.75. However, first off I have a fluctuating interest rate which means that my interest can go up or down (hopefully up). Also, the more money I put in the higher my payout will be. This along with rolling this payout for another 18 months would eventually create a higher rate of return.

Please note that the more money you invest and higher interest rate you obtain = a higher payout. Research and review before investing

Progress is a slow process but better than nothing.

Let’s Run

Let’s Run


By: Ms. K

Let’s get up and move! I was never a person, who loved to run, or jog. The idea of running didn’t spark an interest in me. I would hear people say, “I run to relief stress, or I just love to run.” That was never on my radar. When I decided to become a healthy and change my lifestyle a year ago, I wanted to conquer my dislike for running. It started slowly; I could not even run for a minute without gasping for air. It took from March 2013 until September 2013 for me to run a complete 20 minutes without stopping. It was only possible because my friend/trainer started working with me in June and pushing me to increase my time to run. He pushed me to my limit, and the journey was painful. Do I still love running “NO”, but can I do it for more then 30 minutes yes. I am challenging myself to compete in my first 5k this May. Since running to me is still boring without music I figure let me find a fun race to kick it off. This week on my Facebook newsfeeds the “The Color Run” popped up and I decided this would be my first 5k. I’m still nervous but I am ready. If I plan on running a half-marathon I need to start with running 3.1 miles first before I can tackle 13.1 miles. I am going to push myself, and I am going to have fun along the way. If you’re ready to change your life and tackle some of your fears in running start with a fun 5k.



What I like about “The Color Run” it makes you assemble a team of four to take part in this fun affair. I can’t wait to assemble my team of friends/family down here in South Florida.


Check out the listing and more information at http://thecolorrun.com/events/.

Have fun! Change your life! Get colorfully!