Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

By: Ms. K


I am not going to lie my journey has not been easy.  I didn’t enter this fitness journey for shallow goals to become skinny. I enter this journey to change my life and one day become a mother . Every year, since I gained over 267 lbs, I would promise this year I will lose the weight, and every year I never fully dedicated myself to putting in the work. I WANTED FAST RESULTS, but didn’t want to put in the hard work.

Last year March 2013 I decided that enough was enough. I joined a gym,I changed what I ate and I decide that I am going to put in the hard work. My mindset was different from the past, I didn’t want fast result, I wanted to change my lifestyle.

In the beginning I lived in the gym. I know I wanted to lose weight, and seeing results was a constant motivation.

But then you hit your plateau, when everything your doing is not showing any results. Slowly you reevaluate everything and sometimes you lose motivation. When you starting losing motivation remind yourself why you started this journey.

  1.  Be Patient
  2. Keep monthly goals
  3.  Don’t be afraid to try new techniques
  4. Make it Fun
  5.  You will have occasional bad days
  6.  You will lose a workout now and then
  7.  You will have setbacks

You just have to keep going. …

But remember “What we endure shows our courage”

8 thoughts on “Staying Motivated

  1. you are so right … it’s hard to stick with it, but it’s worth it! i lost 75 pounds and have since struggled for 2 years to lose anymore … it’s annoying, but i’m ready to lose more again!

    1. Yes it is hard… I am trying new things now doing more weight training, and running more. I know you will accomplish your goal. I remind myself to keep going and that all I can do. I am happy with my progress and struggle.

  2. I’ve finally dedicated myself to getting (and staying healthy). It’s hard. For me its just beginning. I’m not sure if I want to use “weight” as a measurement. I am thinking about creating goals that more adventure based. Like tackling a challenge at the end of each month, slowly building them up. Like a 5k, or completing a longer hike, or running for over x minutes…

    1. You don’t have to use weight as a measurement. I have posts my goals around my room.. I am doing my first 5k in May, and then I am going to start training for a half-marathon. Its good to set goals, because being healthy is the key factor. I stop using the scale in December I just use photos as my inspiration to keep going.

  3. It is very hard! I was hard at it for one month and have since fallen off. I’m back to it this week! You are completely correct about hitting the plateau and realizing that something has to give! I am BEYOND proud of you!! Keep up the awesome work! I see a change in who you are all around and I the old krissy was a great person but this one is a great person, that is putting herself first, and loving herself wholeheartedly and embracing everyday with a fun, live for today and live it to the fullest attitude…I LOVE THAT!!! GO GIRL!

    1. Thanks so much girl! I am not saying I didn’t believe in myself but as I got older and entering my new chapter I just found love for myself so much more. U will hit those moments bc I do all the time, I just have to remind my self of why I started. Nd keep pushing and tell myself it’s not a race I want it to be a lifestyle so I don’t expect fast results anymore.. I’m just happy with myself for getting better each and everyday.

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