Beauty and Nutrition


By: Ms. J

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful and be attractive to certain people, but it’s almost important to recognize that you don’t owe thinness or beauty to anyone. That isn’t your job. It isn’t some rent you pay for being female. You don’t exist for other people’s viewing pleasure. You have so much more to offer the world than how you look.”

-Daniell Koepke

Along with being Women’s Month, March is also Nutrition Awareness Month. Your health as a woman is vital to yourself, your family and your country. Although society’s trend these days is to perpetuate and enforce the “skinny” trend amongst women; women need to understand that we are all created differently for a reason. How do you define beauty? Do you define it by a scale number? Do you define it by what size you wear? If you have answered yes to either of the last questions then STOP!

Remember the old adage, you are what you eat?

Beauty is within. What you put in, is what you will show to the world, thus it is important to eat healthy. Managing your health for the sake of being healthy, rather than being skinny creates a positive effect on your life. Some effects such as reducing diseases, reducing wrinkles, boosting brain power, and living longer are attributable to eating healthy. The most important effect of them all is the healthy glow that exudes from inside. This glow is beauty and it will shine bright with every move you make.

Take time this month to stop worrying about your size and try to focus on your nutritious intake. Incorporate some healthy dishes in your routine, whether it is Meatless Mondays, Turkey Tuesdays, Fish Fridays etc. Every step in the right direction is a step to making an overall change in your nutrition; time and dedication to improving your health through eating healthy and exercise will make you feel beautiful and attractive because you know that you are maintaining yourself for yourself and not for society.

2 thoughts on “Beauty and Nutrition

  1. I think we could go even further. Natural whole foods are about loving yourself and treating our body with respect. In a time when even store bought bread has chemicals from human hair in it, it’s great to step back and reclaim some space. Cooking can also be very therapeutic. It’s not about punishing yourself to fit anyone’s ideals, it is about finding the best balance for you. In the end, your food should help make YOU happy.

    1. I agree, but many people want to eat food that is unhealthy because it makes them happy and they think that healthy food is disgusting. Furthermore, most people especially women (modern women) are against being in the kitchen because of old stereotypes. In reality many should consider the health aspects of their decisions towards their food choices and lack of cooking.

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