L.O.V.E. Part 5

L.O.V.E. Part 5


By: Ms. K

Warning Sign Two:

Ryan: I was thinking about you and had funny feeling in my stomach and down there it got up and had butterflies like an excited feeling about you coming.

Me: (I could not respond in my head I was like what is going on.)

Ryan: Maybe you probably wouldn’t let me through you know you have missed me after all these years.

Me: So have you missed me?

Ryan: I do miss you, I do wanna see you and I do want you close to me but if you feel a certain way or not comfortable you don’t have to come or even you can stay in a room solo.

Me: Why do you want me to come?

Ryan: Well I want you here cause I know I would like being around you and I know being close to you and looking at you and hugging you would be great. Continue reading “L.O.V.E. Part 5”