L.O.V.E. Part 5

L.O.V.E. Part 5


By: Ms. K

Warning Sign Two:

Ryan: I was thinking about you and had funny feeling in my stomach and down there it got up and had butterflies like an excited feeling about you coming.

Me: (I could not respond in my head I was like what is going on.)

Ryan: Maybe you probably wouldn’t let me through you know you have missed me after all these years.

Me: So have you missed me?

Ryan: I do miss you, I do wanna see you and I do want you close to me but if you feel a certain way or not comfortable you don’t have to come or even you can stay in a room solo.

Me: Why do you want me to come?

Ryan: Well I want you here cause I know I would like being around you and I know being close to you and looking at you and hugging you would be great.

Me: Why haven’t you told me how you felt before

Ryan: Truthfully I have always like you but I felt I was at a point where I just wanted to have fun and I know I have hurt girls before. But I would never have done that  you and that why I backed off felt you could do better then me this will be the first and last time I tell you this.

Me: Do you think I am beautiful

Ryan: You always been beautiful to me, I use to see you right off the bus.

Me: (In my head OMG he remember how I look when I came off the bus from visiting him in college.)

I was about to walk into the lion’s den, and I was in straight denial. I kept telling myself I was going to celebrate his birthday. We talk occasionally over the past four years. The last time I saw him was our last sexual encounter before I meet Tyrone. Actually it was the same night I meet Tyrone. I can’t believe I taught we could just be friends. I wanted to believe that after years no sexual encounter we could just be friends. He was my first, but he had become my friend over the years. Maybe if my relationship was not on its last string nothing would have happen. I would not have redeveloped feeling for Ryan.

Why I am I falling for you? …

His Birthday…

To Be Continue…

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