Donating on a Tight Budget


By: Ms. J

Donations and Budgets might not seem as if they fall in the same sentence, however with pre-planning you can be as charitable as you can afford to be. Meaning, that regardless of how much money you make, if you have the will to donate then you can. There are many ways to donate some are:

1. Creating a fixed percentage out of your monthly salary to donate

2. Spacing out your donations over the course of the year such as weekly, monthly, quarterly etc

3. If you cannot afford to donate money, then you can donate your time such as to the library, nursing home etc

4. Remember when you do your spring cleaning to set outside unwanted items you can donate to places such as the RED CROSS, Goodwill etc

5. Request for donations to be given in your name as a present to your favorite charities

6. Give blood

 red cross

March is American Red Cross Awareness month. Take the time to learn, donate or volunteer with the Red Cross.

“Every nine minutes, the American Red Cross brings help and hope to people in need, thanks to heroes like you. Whether you donate funds, donate blood or volunteer, we depend on your support to make a difference in communities across the country.” (Red Cross)

The Red Cross provides disaster relief, support to military families, providing life-saving blood, and health and safety services to thousands across America. Your contribution whether small or large can save a life.

Remember that every donation counts and charity donations are considered tax deductible expenses.

Learn more at:

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