Shoe Knowledge: d’Orsay Style of Shoe


By: Ms. J

A d’Orsay style woman’s shoe is where the vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe box, and the sides are open, revealing the arch of the foot. Would you believe that this shoe design was originally made for men? It was named after 19th century artist Count Alfred d’Orsay, who wanted a shoe to accommodate his wide feet. He then requested for the sides of his shoes to be cut down, which is now used for women’s shoes today. This style of shoe is a classic shoe that can be worn with anything. Not only are these classically made in pumps, but they are now made in flats.

Check out some places for a variety of price points with many more in between:

alice and olivia flatAlice+Olivia Flat $250

charlotte russe flatCharlotte Russe $20

zara pumpZara $99

Forever21 Pump $23

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