No More


By: Ms. K

This week was the launch of the “NO MORE” March 17-21, 2014 a weeklong awareness initiative focused on domestic violence and sexual assault.

Help them spread the NO MORE message to all 50 states by participating in the #NOMOREweek photo challenge.  Make sure to share why you are saying NO MORE.

They only need 13 more states to join in them to reach their goal of reaching all the states in the United States. Are you saying NO MORE in #Vermont, #Missipppi, #Nevada, #NorthDakota, #SouthDakota, #Montana, #Idaho, #Louisiana, #Arkansas, #Wisconsin, #Maryland, #Iowa, and #WestVirginia?

Where is their protection, where is their voice when the person they loves hurts them? Abuse comes in different forms, physical, emotional, and sexual. Silence is not the answer when fear, guilt, and shame become his or her identity. The “NO More” campaign wants us to come together to end Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Sorry does not erase the pain, can’t save a life, or protect an innocent it only creates a shell of pain, an outlook of inner guilt, and shallow appearance. An awareness of this issues needs to be heard, an action needs to be done, and lives needs to be saved.

Learn more at: 


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