Don’t Hurt Me

Don’t Hurt Me

By: Ms. K


Love is blind

My lips are silent

It’s hard to escape his love

It can’t hide my bruises

My scars against my eye

My broken ribs

Remembering when you use to rock me

The sweet flowers you sent to my job

Whispering sweet nothing in my ear

Now all I see is blood on my floor

My Black and Blue face reflecting in the cracked mirror

Seeing only mini images of my body

Hearing your deep tenor voice in the background


When you act that way

I can’t control my anger

I do it because I love you

Is this LOVE?

Are my bruises from love?

My body shacking from fear

Is this love?


As I mention before I am apart of the NO MORE Campaign. We are Ending the Silence! We are speaking up and we are showing our courage. As March comes to an end, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)! This year’s campaign focus on healthy sexuality and young people. Join us in spreading the word about #SAAM by participating in the National Sexual Violence Resource Center 30 Days of SAAM Contest! Here how:

Each day in April, post a photo that reflects the day’s theme for your chance to win a SAAM prize pack.

Make sure to use the hashtag #30DAYOFSAAM and tag @NSVRC in your  post.



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