Spring 2014 Pastel Fashion

Spring 2014 Pastel Fashion

By: Ms. J

Yay to spring, warm weather, flowers blooming and the shedding of the hum drum winter clothing. I hoped by this time you have been able to tackle the spring cleaning of your wardrobe (prior post), in order to make room for new pieces to add to your collection. Fashionistas’ everywhere are praising pastels as the new “It” fashion trend of the season; but for me spring and pastels are always synonymous with each other. Pastels provide the perfect transition into summer; but many have yet to master the transition between winter and spring.


Some people can pop out wearing bright colors and it is ok; but if you are more like me, a bit more conservative, then it is best to incorporate it a little at a time.

First, try adding pastel accessories to your attire. For example, if you are wearing a black dress to work, you can add a pastel necklace or flower earrings to incorporate the Spring/Pastel trend.
Accessories can be:
• Jewelry
• Shoes
• Handbags
• Scarves
• Belts
• Headpieces: hats, headbands etc
• Watches

pastel outfit khourtney

Second, use the color-blocking trend to your advantage.

pastel outfit

Third, update your mani/pedi with a pastel polish.

pastel polish

Fourth, be bold by doing the opposite of the first suggestion by wearing a pastel outfit but with neutral to dark tone accessories.


Revive yourself this season from a tough winter with color!

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