Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

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By: Ms. J

It’s a new month, with new issues that women should be aware of. One of which is Eye Health. Often times as women, we have to take care of the household, significant other, family, friends and more that we often forget ourselves. It is important to remember yourself because if you don’t, no one will until it’s too late. Skipping appointments or not conducting annual checkups increases our risks of suffering from diseases that can easily be treated if caught in the early stages.


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Playing House Without the Ring

Playing House Without the Ring


By: Ms. K



I recently had a conversation with one of my cousin about when is it the right time to help get a car with your boyfriend (meaning you are financing his car) and putting him on your insurance. While I will admit I played house without having a ring, from cooking, having joint bank accounts, credit cards, and other things. I would never recommend anyone to do that without having a title. It’s a personal decision, but while your doing wife duties you are not his wife, as my father would say “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.”

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