Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

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By: Ms. J

It’s a new month, with new issues that women should be aware of. One of which is Eye Health. Often times as women, we have to take care of the household, significant other, family, friends and more that we often forget ourselves. It is important to remember yourself because if you don’t, no one will until it’s too late. Skipping appointments or not conducting annual checkups increases our risks of suffering from diseases that can easily be treated if caught in the early stages.


Imagine not being able to see the sun, the birds, your child, or whatever is most important to you. Having eyesight is a gift that not everyone has the pleasure of having. Protect it and safeguard this gift by protecting your eyes. Eating healthy, not smoking, and wearing sunglasses are some measures that can be taken to protect your eyes.

No insurance? Eye exams these days are relatively inexpensive most of the expense is primarily in the type of glasses (name brand) and/or lens you want. You can check out Groupon or Amazon local in your area to see if there are any promotions going on. Also, there may be promotions in your coupon flyer advertising Free Eye Exams with the purchase of a pair of glasses or other promotions. Please keep the facts below in mind before you decide to skip this test.

Facts (per Women’s Eye Health):
3 out of 4 of all visual impairment is preventable or treatable
2 out of 3 blindness or visual impairment occurs in women
If you have diabetes it can lead to diabetic retinopathy
Your eyesight changes constantly so you may need to update or get glasses/contacts

Learn more and protect your eyes at:




2 thoughts on “Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

  1. Great promotion. As women we then to put our selves last. We then to put others before ourselves. Let’s take a stand . Take care of our eyes and our health. Let’s face it if we are not healthy everything crashes.

    1. Thanks. Being healthy is very important,and taking care of our eyes are also important. As women we should always make sure to take care of our selves and live healthy lives.

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