Rainy Day Fashion Tips


By: Ms. J

April showers… brings wardrobe malfunctions, therefore here are my must haves.


I don’t know about you, but I am over the rain boots trend. Every year different colors, brands and lengths try to entice us to buy them. I have tried them and they annoy me. The hassle of putting them and taking them off is a struggle; furthermore they feel heavy on my feet and I would have to bring another pair of shoes for the office. Although I have moved from NYC to MIA and therefore use my car more; rainy season has started and I need something simple for the little walk to my car. I stumbled on rain skimmers for the season. The flat version of rubber boots, these waterproof flats are stylish, comfortable, light and affordable. These rain skimmers can be bought at Target for $30, LLBean, Macy’s etc.


I have a thing for umbrellas. Living in London, I walked with an umbrella everyday to work. Now, I never carry an umbrella, but there is one in my car and under my desk at work. Call me Ms. Prepared! My favorite is the clear or kooky umbrellas that are different and fun to brighten a rainy day.


Miami guarantees that I do not need a coat; however for those living in other cities, I preferred the classic trench coat for the rain. While living in NYC and London I did have my tan trench that was timeless and coordinated with everything I wore. You can also wear a parker or poncho if you prefer a different look.


I don’t wear one, but if you feel that you must, at least coordinate it with your raincoat. This is not to say that it has to match, but much more so the style of the coat and the hat should be similar so that it would create some cohesion between the two.


If all else fails, sing, “Rain, rain, go away, come back again another day!”


One thought on “Rainy Day Fashion Tips

  1. I have never been to London before but umbrella is pretty important in London, and i do remember Sunny days, i carried a fashion umbrella which i bought online through a site. still love it. good to know are always prepared.

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