L.O.V.E Series Part 6

L.O.V.E Series Part 6


By: Ms. K

This is part of 6 of the L.O.V.E series… a journey to find happiness came with heartache, lies, and betrayal. If your just reading this part go back and read part 1-5, understand why I am torn between Ryan and Tyrone.

I wanted to believe everything was going to be innocent when I went to visit Ryan for his birthday. I told myself I am not doing anything wrong.  But deep down I knew I was lying. Continue reading “L.O.V.E Series Part 6”


Sweat it Out

Sweat it Out


I am working on my first erotic  poetry book so I am giving you a snippet of my poetry leave comments… I can’t wait to share ” Summer Bliss” A poetry book of a woman rediscovering her sexual drive after years of being with one man who never fully awakened her inner passion until one summer when everything change, after she meet “Lover Boy”. The Summer is for fun so what more fun then having a sweating it out…

By: Ms. K

Taking it slowly
Slowly clothes are coming off
As he pulls my skirt off
Unbuttoning my shirt
Standing in my bras and thong

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