L.O.V.E Series Part 6

L.O.V.E Series Part 6


By: Ms. K

This is part of 6 of the L.O.V.E series… a journey to find happiness came with heartache, lies, and betrayal. If your just reading this part go back and read part 1-5, understand why I am torn between Ryan and Tyrone.

I wanted to believe everything was going to be innocent when I went to visit Ryan for his birthday. I told myself I am not doing anything wrong.  But deep down I knew I was lying.

I wanted to visit my friend, but I knew Ryan was more then just a friend he was my first. After communicating with him he believe I was in a dead end relationship with a man who didn’t value me. He would say, “I was that guy, I would screw other chicks and tell my girl I love her. That is why I never wanted to hurt you because I valued you, I was not ready to stop being a player.” Deep down I wish he told me all that when we first met. He never lied to me, but I cared for him so much when I first met him. I wanted to trust him with my heart, to free me from everything wrong, but that was not our path the first time. Now I am in a relationship stuck in limbo.

I wish I were single. After talking to Tyrone and telling him, I am going to celebrate a friend birthday then come home. I never mention who, or where. I was risking it all because I was tired of being that good girl, in a dead relationship. Yet I enjoy talking to Ryan every single day. I started to redevelop feelings for him, even if I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

As I am driving, my mind was racing. When I see Ryan would I want to kiss him, hug him, or just feel nothing! This will be a long 2-hour drive. I had to make a decision to either head to NY to surprise Tyrone or continue to Pennsylvania and see Ryan. As I face my crossroad I decided to head towards Pennsylvania.

As I am pulling up to his hotel, he was waiting outside. I saw him and I had butterflies. Don’t get me wrong I was attracted to him, but the butterflies were more of nerves not because I wanted him. Plus I was hungry so not a good combo. Coming out my car he said, “you look beautiful” in my head all I can say he was “you still look fine” he gave me a hug.  After he left, I told myself nothing going to happen “I got this!”

Going to the club! Music was playing and Ryan was buying drinks all night. I was drunk and my conscious mindset was set to just go to sleep. Well Ryan and I were both drunk.  Liquor plus 2 people who clearly is attractive to each other will lead to trouble. As we head back to the hotel, and I head toward my bed, and I would love to say he head toward his bed, apparently our bodies had other plans. As we started kissing, I told him “no.” I kept saying “no” until he was coming out my bed and I said “stop, I am not going to regret this come here.” (I don’t remember what I said, but I knew I eventually said yes.)

A knock at the door…

What happens next? Did I tell Tyrone? Did I feel guilty? I can only say the night didn’t end with a knock at the door.


To be continue…

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