I am working on my first erotic  poetry book so I am giving you a snippet of my poetry leave comments… I can’t wait to share ” Summer Bliss” A poetry book of a woman rediscovering her sexual drive after years of being with one man who never fully awakened her inner passion until one summer when everything changed, after she met “Lover Boy”. The Summer is for fun so what more fun then having a Tornado in the sheets.

By: Ms. K

Everything is spinning

Twists and turns

My body is moaning his touch Continue reading “Tornado”

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race


By: Ms. K


I am learning to be patient! It’s easy to say we want to get fit and be healthy, but it really takes dedication. Do I have moments of weakens? Yes. Are their moments where I want to quite? All the time I have the urge to quite. I keep going because one day I want to become a mother. Continue reading “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”

RIP Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou


By: Ms. K

Today we lost a phenomenal woman! At the age of 86 Dr. Maya Angelou passed away. Maya Angelou was a poet, educator, author, playwright, activist, historian, producer, actor, and director.

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Memorial Day!

Memorial Day


By: Ms. K

What are you doing for Memorial Day? It has been a weekend full of fun, laughter, cookouts, and mini vacations, but lets not forget why we celebrate. We celebrate to remember the soldiers that gave their lives to make our country safer.

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Summer Bliss Cover

Summer Bliss Cover

By: Ms. K

Last week I needed everyones help to assist me in deciding between two different layouts for my first ebook cover and today I am happy to reveal my choice.

Just in case you forgot it was between these two:

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Lifting Weights

Lifting Weights


By: Ms. K

I am all about transforming my body into something better. Looking back at my past  four birthdays since the age of 25 my body has transform for the better. I’m not going to say  journey has been easy, but deciding to get healthy and get fit has been a right choice for me. I am not talking about getting skinny because being skinny does not mean being healthy. I am talking about eating right, working out and making lifestyle changes that will only enhance your journey.

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National Bike Month and our Cycle Divas

bike Jeannie_Longo
Jeannie Longo
bike Marianne Vos
Marianne Vos
bike Juli Furtado
Juli Furtado

By: Ms. J

Gone are the days when people young and old would ride their bikes everywhere. These days people are in a rush to get to their destination rather than feeling the wind in their hair and the wheels turning beneath them. For some of us, our youth consisted of riding our bikes everywhere for pleasure or travel. We did not have to worry about raising gas prices or replacing expensive parts to a car but more so whether it would rain and how to replace the bike chain. I miss those days!

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Getting ready for the college


By: Ms. J

Congrats to all the graduates, especially the high school graduates leaving their parents wings and entering the real world. While most look at this time as a chance to be free from parental rule, party, and have fun do remember that it also a time where you learn the most of who you are. Whether you can balance your time and remember the good upbringing that your parents bestowed onto you. From a financial aspect, many of you might have worried incessantly about how you are going to pay for college, whether it is through loans, grants, scholarships or gifts. I hope you have not only factored in the cost of college but also the means of remaining in college.

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Cancun Ready!


By: Ms. J

I am off to Cancun for Memorial Day weekend and of course I needed to do a bit of shopping to get ready. It was a much needed replenishment to my summer wardrobe, as I have been more focused on my professional look.

My must haves include:

Items that protects me from the sun:

1. floppy hats (wet seal $10.90 and dollar tree $0.99)

2. sunglasses (wet seal 3 @ $1.99)

3. scarf coverup (wet seal $5)

4. silk shirt coverup (body central $6.99)


Night look:

1. Silk dress (cotton on $15)


Day look:

1. long skirt (west seal $7)

2. tank top (h&m $2.95)

3. flower dress (wet seal $9)

4. denim shirt (kmart $6)

5. white pants (h&m $9)

6. black bermuda shorts (kmart $6)

7. peach scalloped shorts (sears $15)

You can find prized gems in the most unlikely places combined with store sales and discounts. There is nothing wrong with replenishing your wardrobe. Combine the new and the old to create fresh new outfits that can take you far.