Accessorize: “Always Wear Your Crown”

wearing your crown

By: Ms. J

As women with ambition to succeed in life, we tend to let ourselves go in order to reach our goals. Most of us such as myself are goal oriented with a timeline to achieve these goals. The meticulous way in which we orchestrate our lives whether personally, professionally or both has allowed us to reach places we have only dreamed of. During this time, some of us forget to wear our crown in the process.

Many call a woman’s hair, her crown. This would explain why the hair industry is a multi-billion dollar industry ten times over. For me, the crown is not my hair; but rather the way I uphold myself, my beliefs, my family and my name. Many do not consider these factors within the professional environment. Wearing your crown within a professional environment is a metaphor to preserving your dignity and maintaining moral standards within the workforce. There are some women who feel the need to be very sexualized whether with their attire or the way they act in order to get what they want in a professional environment. This is lowering your value as well as affecting other women in that environment. When women feel the need to resort to sexual tendencies rather than using their brain it makes it seem as there is not much use for us. Statements such as “She only got the job because she looks good,” or “She is under qualified for the role, however we needed to fulfill it with a female” permeate the office space whether true or not; but your actions and the way you are perceived validates these statements. If you are of sound reason and have the mental capacity which has been proven through your work ethic, education or both then those should be the highlight of who you are in a professional environment. By no means am I stating you must be a “stuffy” person who does not have fun but there is a way to do it.

Do as a queen would? Ideally, when one thinks of a queen, they think of a woman who is charming, witty, smart, courageous, personable, worldly, a leader and more with a crown. Remember that there is more to a woman then being a sexual plaything or eye candy. We have minds of our own that can bring change as long as we use it the right way. Bringing your crown to the workplace reinforces us as women who know our self worth, what we stand for and the change that will come from this.




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