July 4th

July 4th

One of my photos for my "Summer Bliss" book
One of my photos for my “Summer Bliss” book

I am working on my first erotic  poetry book so I am giving you a snippet of my poetry leave comments… I can’t wait to share ” Summer Bliss” A poetry book of a woman rediscovering her sexual drive after years of being with one man who never fully awakened her inner passion until one summer when everything changed, after she met “Lover Boy”. The Summer is for fun so what more fun then having a Fourth of July fun…

By: Ms. K

Fireworks exploding

Walls spinning new boundaries developing

His first touch on my body

Sends a chill down my spin

His lips cresting my body

My body saying yes, yes, and more yes

He slowly heads down my chest as I am hearing fireworks

Body waiting for his touch upon my breast

His essential sucking on my nipples only created an eruption between my legs


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