Protective Styling

By: Ms. J

Summer is nearly upon us and this is usually the time many women want to leave their hair out. While it is always nice to have your hair out, remember that too much of a good thing is bad for you. Just as we try to protect our hair in the winter the same should be said for the summer whether your natural, relaxed, short or long.

Hair needs to be protected in the summer because:

1: Your ends are the most delicate part of your hair and should be preserved

2: The UV rays and other environmental elements can damage your hair

3: Depending where you live humidity and frizz is most likely not your best friend

4: If you are a water baby, your hair needs to be protected from the salt and/or chlorine damage

5: It limits the damage caused by heat and over manipulation


Protective styling ideas to consider are:

Buns (which are my fav)

bun hair

Braids (I have these in right now courtesy of my sis)

black braids  white braids

Twists (I have seen some great professional styles)

twist 2  twist 1





Benefits of protective styling are:

Saving money

On the go low maintenance hair

Retain growth





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