Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls #3

Rated S took part in Bring Back Our Girls

By: Ms. K

Saturday May 17, 2014 was a special day for my not only was it my birthday, but I also was able to take part in the rally to bring back our girls. Over 230 Girls were kidnapped in North East Nigeria on April 15, 2014 . The girls are between the ages of 12 & 17 years old. They were abducted from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria.  “Bring back our girls” has finally become world news and government leaders are finally stepping in to make a difference. Even though it took some time for this important issue to get world recognition it is important for these girls to know they are important.

The girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram believes  “Westerns education is forbidden.”  NBCnews report that last Monday Boko Haram released a video purportedly showing 100 of the girls gathered together, although it was unclear when it was taken.

The  girls in Nigeria needs to be returned home because no one has the right to kidnapped because of Boko Haram views that women should not receive education. Education is key to success.

Miami had their rally to Bring Back Our Girls on Saturday May 17 from 10 -12pm in Miami Gardens. It’s very important that we understand that we need for our girls back now. It has been over a month since the girls have been kidnapped and they still are not return. The girls should be back home with their families and receiving their education.






Ms. J signing the petition

Recently the Facebook page for Bring Back Girls Posted:


School girls from around the world have written us with an idea… they want a march of school girls in every city across the globe to show their support of the 273 girls kidnapped.

Please tell your friends, tell your families, tell your schools.

HOW TO START: Choose a starting place and time. You can start the march after school. Ask friends to wear red or school uniforms. Make homemade signs. March with your families. Let us know your plans and we will create event pages to help.

For more info:
Email details to:

#bringbackourgirls #schoolgirlmarch #girlsmatter#girlscanmakeadifference #schoolgirlsmatter#chibokgirls

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