Getting ready for the college


By: Ms. J

Congrats to all the graduates, especially the high school graduates leaving their parents wings and entering the real world. While most look at this time as a chance to be free from parental rule, party, and have fun do remember that it also a time where you learn the most of who you are. Whether you can balance your time and remember the good upbringing that your parents bestowed onto you. From a financial aspect, many of you might have worried incessantly about how you are going to pay for college, whether it is through loans, grants, scholarships or gifts. I hope you have not only factored in the cost of college but also the means of remaining in college.

Take this time during the summer to save as much as you can. While you may want to enjoy those last precious moments of youth with your fellow peers, think about the means in which you will survive in college. Use this opportunity to get a job so that you can have spending money until you are able to procure another job at or around your school. The less money you use in loans the better off you will be in the end.

Prepping for college is important, whether you are living on or off campus. If you are living on campus; you need to factor in how you will get your things there, buying dorm stuff, having a car or not, and more. If you are off campus but not at home; then you may need to buy furniture along with the usual items. If you are off campus but at home; then you might consider restructuring your room for ideal study sessions or finding an alternative away from home to do so.

Researching the key items that you need for your scenario is best so that you can budget wisely for your transition. Although, the price may change (hopefully by decreasing) it is best to go with the higher price for your rough estimate just in case. If you are able to buy the items second hand around this time when college students are graduating then you will be able to save a ton as well. With a little bit of elbow grease into cleaning the items they will be good as new.


This is vital because you never know what can happen during your transition into the next step of your life.

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