National Bike Month and our Cycle Divas

bike Jeannie_Longo
Jeannie Longo
bike Marianne Vos
Marianne Vos
bike Juli Furtado
Juli Furtado

By: Ms. J

Gone are the days when people young and old would ride their bikes everywhere. These days people are in a rush to get to their destination rather than feeling the wind in their hair and the wheels turning beneath them. For some of us, our youth consisted of riding our bikes everywhere for pleasure or travel. We did not have to worry about raising gas prices or replacing expensive parts to a car but more so whether it would rain and how to replace the bike chain. I miss those days!

Let’s celebrate National Bike Month by dusting off our bikes and taking it for a spin. Take a family bike ride to the park or take it for a spin by yourself. Why do you ask?

Perks of biking:

Saving gas


Environmental benefits


Although some of us may not be as great as these women below, we can all attempt to surpass our own personal goal.

Jeannie Longo (French) the 59-time French champion and 13-time world champion of women’s cycling.

Juli Furtado (USA) known for her mountain biking accomplishments.

Marianne Vos (the Netherlands)known for her cycling accomplishments at a young age.

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