Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race


By: Ms. K


I am learning to be patient! It’s easy to say we want to get fit and be healthy, but it really takes dedication. Do I have moments of weakens? Yes. Are their moments where I want to quite? All the time I have the urge to quite. I keep going because one day I want to become a mother.

This past Monday I wanted to go for a run. I wanted to see how far and long I can go. I can remember when I could not even run for a minute without stopping. I would stop, complain and say I can’t do this. I remember my trainer going behind me and pushing me to run. He didn’t take it easy on me at all. He was tough, but I needed tough. I wanted to believe I was pushing myself, but that would be a lie. I would push myself until I would stop. Part of me felt defeated because I knew why I started this journey not to be selfish, not to become a size 0. I did this to become healthy and eventually a mother.


Monday May 26, 2014 was Memorial Day and I had the inspiration to run. My goal was to try and accomplish 10 miles. The longest I ran prior to this was only 3.9 miles. So I was basically going to try and push myself to accomplish. I was going at a steady pace. I wanted to reach five miles without stopping regardless the outcome. To my shock I went past 5 miles, 6 miles until I REACHED 7.17 miles. It took me 2 hours and 3 minutes to accomplish. I didn’t reach my 10 miles, but hopefully when I go for my run this weekend I will be able to go a further distance. My goal is to accomplish a half marathon so I am ready to put in the work.


Slow and Steady wins the Race!

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