Unacknowledged Love

Unacknowledged Love

I am Ms. K a superwoman

I love writing! Unacknowledged Love is a short story about a woman who falls for her friend who is already in a relationship. She never noticed him before it was too late. Now she needs to discover what to do before she lose her mind and her friendship. She does not want to lose him but she also can’t have him. Making her love unacknowledged. 

By: Ms. K (Kricel  Francis)


It is hard to imagine a life without a good thing, that person that can make your heart skip a beat and flutter when you hear his voice, the feeling of his skin touching yours. That moment when you know that life without him would be incomplete, but you’re willing to have that moment because I know it would last a lifetime. He is my forbidden fruit! If he only knew how much I want, not need him, but want him next to me. I close my eyes, and imagine feeling his lips touching my skin, his heart pounding when I am in his presence. I just want to see myself in his eyes, have that complete feeling you get when you know he is the one and everything makes sense. Even if everything around you is crumbling, you know that having him will complete everything you need. Yet, I can’t have him because he belongs to someone else. His heart does not skip for me, yet I will wait for him to realize that the one he belongs with is right in front of him, is me, not her. I will not be the other woman, but I will patiently wait and acknowledge that his home with her is not happy but crumbling from inside.

I wish he met me two years ago instead of her because now I have sleepless nights wanting to be with him. I know it is foolish to fall in love with a man who is already taken. I wish I didn’t care that his not with me but that would be a lie. I know that I love him, but I also know I can’t love him. It is so hard to be in your presence without crying inside, but I can’t imagine not being friends with you, it would be so hard to accomplish. I can’t imagine having the opportunity of regret if I lose the chance to be with you again. I still remember when we kissed, but I was foolish then because I decided I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and now I am losing you to that other woman. “WHY DID I LET YOU GO?” The question I ask myself each and everyday when I cry myself to sleep. I try to ignore my sorrows because I want your love.

I want to be his guilty pleasure; I just want him to be in my life. Every night when we talk, I secretly want to tell him to come over and get closer to me. I want him closer, touching me all over. When I hear his voice, I fantasy you at my door, taking me to my bed. I need to stop thinking these things before I lose my self and become addicted to his love. It is so hard to stop loving someone. I feel so scared that once I open Pandora’s Box it will ruin our friendship, but deep down I am willing to sacrifice our friendship at the thought of having him in my life as my lover. Why does loving him make me feel so crazy? I feel like I am becoming obsessed with you. He is all I think about, I am slowly not working but following him.

Is this love or a sick fantasy of my loneliness? I have everything he needs to be happy. Why can’t he see that I am his other half? This friendship needs to end or I will totally lose myself loving someone who does not love me!




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