Rated S Fashion Details in Mexico

fashion mexico

By: Ms. J

Two weeks ago, I posted some of my must haves that I bought for my vacation to Cancun Memorial Day weekend. Here are 3 of my outfits for 3 different occasions.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO, what your activities will be. This will make packing lighter and your trip a little stress free. For myself, although it was Memorial Day weekend I knew that I was not going to Cancun for the party scene (even though our hotel was close by) therefore there was no need for me to bring party/club outfits, shoes and accessories. I was there to enjoy spending time with my family, celebrating my mother’s 50th year of life. Secondly, if you are the type to buy trinkets and souvenirs for whether for your family, friends or yourself as a memento of your adventure then you want to be sure you can fit it into your luggage.

I spent 5 days/4 nights in Cancun and it was AMAZING!!! I did not get to wear everything I bought because my days ended up being filled with adventure outside and nowhere close to the hotel to change clothes.

Pic 1

The family and I did a day trip to Chichen-Itza, which is one of the Mayan Ruins. From past experiences of travelling abroad, I knew exactly the type of clothes to wear for this adventure. Keeping it casual with a semi-loose t-shirt and jeans was the best option for me. Not only to protect my skin from the sun rays and sweating, but also from the bugs (phobia). I also, prefer to wear enclosed shoes on these types of trips to protect my foot from debris or the unknown. Lastly I have to walk with a satchel so that my hands can be free to take pictures without putting my bag down.

Pic 2:

In this pic, we were having a casual day enjoying the hotels and the outdoor markets. My mother loves to shop, so I knew to be prepared with flats, a floppy hat and shades. Keeping it chic yet casual with Bermuda shorts and a flowy island top did scream tourist, but I did not mind.

Pic 3:

It’s always nice to have at least one nice dinner where you dress up to dine. We were also contemplating whether or not to go to the party scene that night as well, but at the least minute changed our minds because we were exhausted from the day’s events and had to wake up early for another adventure. I opted to go for a simple yet classy silk A-line dress with blinged shoes and minimal accessories for this look. I love the fuschia color and it has a little detail in the back of the dress to keep it interesting.

I hope you were inspired!


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