Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer


By: Ms. K

 Marissa Mayer is our Sophisticated Diva because of her aspiration for greatness. Mayer is currently the CEO of Yahoo since July 2012. She was ranked 32 in 2013 in the Forbes Magazine’s List of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. 

Marissa Mayer was born in Wausau Wisconsin May 30, 1975. Mayer graduated from Wausau West High School in 1993. After graduating from high school Mayer graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B.S in Symbolic Systems and a M.S. in computer science.

Mayer started her career at google 1999 as employee number 20 and was the company first female engineer. She had a vital role in running Google search, Google image, Google news, Google maps, Google Books, Gmail that just a few of her roles. In her last years she was also Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location Services.

After leaving Google Mayer was appointed president and CEO of Yahoo July 16, 2012. Mayer’s became the first women listed as number one on Fortune magazine’s annual list of the top 40 business owners under 40 years old.

Mayer also changed Yahoo’s maternity leave policy in April 2013, lengthening its time allowance and providing cash bonus to parents.

Mayer married a lawyer and investor Zachary Bogue on December 12, 2009. Mayer also gave birth to her first son September 30, 2012.

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