Getting your Workout Groove Back

Getting  your Workout Groove Back


By: Ms. K

I have been on a journey getting back my workout groove for over a year now. Its about remaining motivated and realizing that it will not happen over night. I love working out the same way I love listening to a great melody.  Continue reading “Getting your Workout Groove Back”

World Environment Day 2014


By: Ms. J

“Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level”

June 5th is the United Nation’s call to raise awareness about our environment. World Environment Day is a day to encourage everyone about the conditions that are ravaging the earth. It is our duty to care and maintain our environment so that others after us can have fresh air to breathe and water to drink.

This year the United Nations have joined forces with the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to adopt climate change as its theme. As global warming increases, so does the ocean level. Those who live on the coast whether major cities, small towns or islands will be affected by this over the course of several years. As the sea level rises, many people will migrate further inland causing a disruption in the economy, community and environment. Let us take a stand to fight global warming, not just this day but everyday.

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