Getting your Workout Groove Back

Getting  your Workout Groove Back


By: Ms. K

I have been on a journey getting back my workout groove for over a year now. Its about remaining motivated and realizing that it will not happen over night. I love working out the same way I love listening to a great melody. 

The passion of the beat just creates a flow of energy  in my body, the same way when I go hard in the gym. To me working out is like chasing after my goals. When I am working out I just want to keep going. It’s not easy, I go through the process of stepping back and questioning myself because it becomes a love/ hate relationship. I love the process, but I hate when I believe my body should  be toner, smaller, and better. I just keep going because its like a rap song that flow. I just keep running, running all the time. Listening to the melody in my head ” Just keep Going” with a nice beat in the background.

I tell people to just change the record. Let  all the negative people go, and just keep telling yourself “you will get Better” , because you can always do better. CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK! People will always have negative  comments and critiques of how your body should be. Just realize that they will comment on your body, but just let it go. Just let your “HATERS BE YOUR MOTIVATORS” just change the record become your own DJ.


Think about yourself because you are getting your workout groove back. Always change the station when people want to comment on your body. I don’t care anymore when I hear people, because I just change the record. I know I AM Getting my WORKOUT GROOVE BACK!  It’s my journey, its my life because everyone will always comment, but my haters have become my motivators. I stop caring and and only workout for myself.


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