Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Wolves in Sheep Clothing

 wolves in sheep's clothingBy: Ms. K

Men at times can act like wolves in sheep clothing. They show their innocent, caring, compassionate side, but under it all is a wolf waiting to appear. I’m not going to lie I am not a round the way (girl) woman, someone who has dated more then one hand. My longest relationship was almost 6 years. I am now 28 years old and have been single for a year and a half now. I might not have a strong dating past, but I have seen and learn many things along the way.

Let’s establish one thing, I am not bashing all men, I said men at times can act like wolf in sheep clothing. With that being said I do want to make a point to address that if men would just be honest it will save a lot of time. Men need to understand there are some loose women who will have sex without the bullshit. They are women who value themselves by the appreciation of a man opinion. Do I believe some woman need to learn self-love? Yes. The reason I say that is because if I can go back and tell my younger 20-year-old self one thing would be to love you. I didn’t love myself the way a woman should love herself, making me depend on a man’s approval, and disregard for my feelings took me on vicious cycle of no self-love for myself. A man will only treat you the way you treat yourself.


A dog will only treat you like fleas if you act like fleas. A man can only be a wolf in sheep clothing because he sees your weakness, the lack of independent, and more of dependence. I can scream until my face turns red I am independent woman, but until last year that would have been a lie. I wanted freedom but turned to a wolf for compassion. A wolf does not see compassion it’s see his prey. I relied on my ex for love, support, finance, and in the end I realize I needed myself so much more. In the end I needed to choose me. I was lost in a maze never finding the exit, putting up with his countless disrespect, but did he love me yes. It’s not a question of love, but self respect, he treated me the way I allowed him to treat me. He would make me cry, say I needed him, where would I be without him,  and yes he would  even flirt (cheat) with other girls, but I stayed because of his tender smile. A smile that was my weakness because I saw the sweetness in him, but he was stills a wolf in sheep clothing. (Not bashing my ex, he had flaws like everyone else, he was there for me, and we were just to young to really understand how to truly love someone. Plus I didn’t fully love myself enough to appreciate my self worth)


Recently, I found myself realizing that the new me, the person who loves her self is not chasing love. Do I have a barrier around my heart? Yes, I do, but more because I am grown and I don’t need a man love for validation of my self. I was quick to believe everything a man said. O my innocent self was clueless with men and love. Did I act on impulse with men in the past yes? Now it’s more of you most of lost your mind if you think I’m coming to see you at midnight kind of attitude.


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