Throw Back Thursday #tbt

Throw Back Thursday #tbt


By: Ms. K

Its the small changes that keep me going. Fitness to me is not a victory race, instead its a lifestyle change.  I wanna show how much, I value my transformation. When every #tbt comes I just look at my old pictures as a constant motivation to keep going.

I always say “YES” to my body regardless of the slow process. At my heaviest I was around 267 pounds. I was miserable, unhappy, and constantly avoiding shopping for new clothes. The one thing I can say once I decided to change for myself, and not for anyone else the process became easier. I kept saying NO before I finally said YES to myself. My motivation is not the scale only, but also the ability to look at old pictures, and see the  little changes because eventually the little changes will become bigger changes.

Me at my heaviest:



Who is that girl? What was I doing? Why did I let myself get so big?  Behind that smile was a sad woman, who didn’t want to believe she got so big. I was HUGE.

Now me today;


I keep going to get my body healthier. This process is slow, but I am not stopping because I love looking back from where I  came to where I am today. I started this process last year and I can’t wait for another big transformation. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit. I am becoming a Sexy Fit Chick.

Share your #tbt stories.



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